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Y & L Europe Co. Ltd is a UK tourism company based in London founded by Jeremy Z. Yin. Mr Jeremy Z.Yin started his business career in Europe during the 1980s.In the early 1980s he worked as Director of the tourist office of China's National Tourism Administration in Frankfurt, Germany.In the 1990s he immigrated to the UK where he worked with China Insurance (UK) Ltd for several years before setting up his own business. Previously, he was General Manager of UCT and Chairman of Choice International Travel Ltd (CIT) in the UK. Mr. Yin has 30 years cumulative experiences in business and politics, and has worked in various sectors such as international trading, retail industry, insurance, tourism and consultancy. Having organised Chinese official and business visits and high-end tourism to the UK for the last decade, he is fully aware that operating in a single service sector such as a tour operator can be a fragile small business, not easily resistant to the damaging impact of major disasters such as Foot and Mouth Disease, SARS, the 9.11 attack, or volcanic ash disruption.For those reasons Mr. Yin left CIT in 2009 with determination to further expand his business in other industries.

After careful planning and integration of resources he founded Y & L Europe Co., Ltd in 2010.To date, the company’s business has included reception of central and local government officials, business visitors and high-end holiday travelers from China and Hong Kong, providing professional training and expanding in new business areas such as investment, commodities export, technology transfer, media and property development. In its operations, Y & L Europe Co. Ltd follows the principle of developing a diversified business, thereby minimizing economic risk. For the company, a win-win situation is much more important than the hollowing out of gain and loss. We believe people come first and we are eager to extend our business in association with business leaders in many sectors.

Our Team

Jeremy Yin

Director of Y&L Europe Co. Ltd

Co-Director of Amreeta Education

Sha Lu

Amreeta Education Manager

Jessie Lei

Chief Y&L Operating Manager

Keith Liu

IT Support Manager