07 July 2016

Jeremy Yin, director of Amreeta Education (UK) visited Sheffield Hallam University on 07th July, 2016. He met Dr. Paul Fallon from the Sheffield business school Both sides spoke highly of the cooperation in the past year.

During 2015-2016, Y&L Europe Co. Ltd. and Amreeta Education (UK) Ltd. offered paying placements for two students from Sheffield Hallam University. The employer is very pleased and satisfied with the quality of the placement students' efforts and their dedication to their job. Mr Yin guaranteed that the company will continue to provide several 12-month paying placements for postgraduate students from Sheffield Hallam University.

Mr Yin and Dr Fallon also look forward to further cooperation with Amreeta Education (China) Company on academic training and lectures, as well as applying more professional teaching materials from the University.

01 JUly 2016

Moving Notice:

Thanks to expending of our business, we are moving to a new business premises. kindly draw attention and update database

New Address:

3-4 Devonshire Street, London W1W 5DT, United Kingdom

Phone Number:

Y&L Europe Ltd: +44 20 3102 8548 Fax:+44 20 3440 5001
Amreeta Education Ltd: +44 20 3102 8546
Rothlife: +44 20 3102 8547

All the emails are remain unchanged. We look forward to growing further cooperation in the future.

Director Jeremy Z. Yin

31 March 2016

Mr Jeremy Yin, the Chariman of Y & L Europe Co. Ltd is invited to attend UK Chinese Entrepreneur Club Annual Celebration Party. During the Party, Mr Jeremy yin donated a painting on behalf of Y & L Europe Co. Ltd.

The artwork is composed by Oliver Needs who is an abstract artist from London. The Entrepreneurs who attened the party have shown great interest to Art Investment Of Y & L Europe Co. Ltd.

22 February 2016

Mr Jeremy Yin, the founder of Y & L Europe Co. Ltd is invited to attend the publication of the book "The Wanda Way: The Managerial Philosophy and Values of One of China's Largest Companies".

Present members include John Whittingdale, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Francis Maude, Minister of State for Trade and Investment,Xu Jin, Commercial Counselor of Chinese Embassy in Britain and Jianlin Wang, the Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group.

15 December 2015

We organised a visiting delegation from China’s Ministry of Land and Resources (MLR) to the UK. The delegation of five was led by Mr. Xia Jun, Deputy Director-General of the MLR. On the 15th December 2015, the research and educational delegation was hosted by the Councillor for Watford Central Ward, Rabi Martins, in his role as Chairman of the Performance Monitoring and Scrutiny as well as the Planning Committee. Politics researcher and writer of ‘UK-China Twinned Cities’, Chris Georgiou was also in attendance.
The delegation were seeking to better understand the workings and functioning of local government, and in particular government information publicity and the performance evaluation of government bodies.

Having introduced Watford and the working structure of the Council in the UK’s political context, Councillor Rabi elaborated on the intricacies of democracy at the local level, and how local mayors and executives are held to account. Moreover Rabi explained the operation of the Freedom of Information Act and how this works to increase transparency and proper practice.
The delegation asked many insightful questions and were fully engaged. The delegation were particularly concerned with the effective functioning and administration of performance monitoring and questioned what structures were in place to ensure this in the institutional system. They also inquired about the workings of the Freedom of Information Act and how best to utilise it positive attributes and guard against malicious unwarranted claims, which Rabi duly explained.
Thank you to Rabi for his invaluable insights and we wish the delegation fruitful and successful learning in the UK.articular government information publicity and the performance evaluation of government bodies.

15 November 2012

Shanghai International Tourism Marton November in 2012
You came, saw and you bagged the best travel bargains in Shanghai International Tourism Mart on November Y&L Europe Co. Ltd. would like to thank you who turned up to our stand.
We hope you all enjoyed getting some inspiration and bargains to see and experienced the thrill that is travelling around our great magnificent countries in the UK.
It was really great to see you there. Y& L Europe Co. Ltd. Hopes you all enjoy your travel during the coming year and we hope to see you visiting Great Britain soon!